Reasonable Accommodation

Our focus is on the unique abilities you bring to the workplace. We want to make sure you are positioned to get the most out of your training experience.

Reasonable accommodation is required in all aspects of state training, consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act and state law.

To request a reasonable accommodation, please submit your request to your agency’s Training Representative or HR Manager the day you sign up for training.

If you need assistance finding your training representative please call 360-664-1921 or TTY 360-664-6211.

Disability Parking

Persons with disabilities, who have a disability parking permit may park free of charge during the specified time periods posted on the regular street-parking spaces or at parking meters. If you are attending a class at the 1500 Jefferson training building please contact Property Management at 360-359-4790 or to find out where you can park.

Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter Quick Access Guide

The following recommendations for instructors and facilitators were developed in collaboration with interpreters and Deaf instructors from the Washington Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth.

General recommendations

  • Provide interpreting service for virtual trainings upon receiving an accommodation request. If allowable, record training events for future access.
  • Tell learners how to request services on all event flyers and announcements.
  • Request interpreters 2 weeks in advance whenever possible.
  • Be aware, meetings over 1 hour will require a team of 2 interpreters
  • Interpreters will ask for clarifications as needed. Be ready to have them interrupt. (This doesn’t happen often but can.)

For in person meetings

  • Allow Deaf participants to sit wherever they’re most comfortable. Be ready to make some physical adjustments to the room if necessary.
  • Be prepared for an interpreter to be close to you and/or the information being presented.
  • If using visuals, allow for time to read/view the visual before speaking.
  • When asking for participation, allow 5-10 seconds before calling on anyone. This gives the interpreter time to complete your last statement.

For Zoom meetings/webinars

Zoom is the most accessible ASL user friendly platform. Other platforms may require ASL users and interpreters to use 2 platforms to make the meeting accessible.

  • Host needs to turn on the ability to “multi-pin.”
  • Check with interpreter and ASL users on screen preferences. Whenever possible, limit number of participants on screen.
  • Have speakers state their name when they start speaking. This helps when more than one person (and interpreter) are on screen.
  • For webinars, make sure interpreters are panelists.

About ASL users

  • Remember to speak directly to DHH learners.
  • Remember all people are unique. Be curious about what they need. It is ok to be uncomfortable at first.

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