Local Government Public Works Study Committee

Established 5/14/2020

Committee members

Lead:  Jon Rose
Co-Lead:  Andrew Thompson

___ (Public Hospitals), Nancy Deakins (DES), Kristin Hall (PUD), Matthew Hepner (CEW), Chris Herman (WPPA), Rebecca Keith (City of Seattle), Keith Michel (General Contractor), Karen Mooseker (School Districts), Jon Rose (MRSC), Yelena Semenova (DES), Jolene Skinner (L&I), Michael Transue (Specialty Contractors), ___ (Counties), Eliza Young (City of Seattle), ___ (OMWBE to be nominated by Lisa van der Lugt)


To review the public works contracting processes for local governments, including the small works roster and limited public works processes, and create recommendations for efficiency to be presented to the CPARB Board. This review will include the following:

  • Most common contracting procedures
  • Current public works contracting thresholds
  • Analysis of applying an inflation-based indicator and other potential threshold adjustments
  • Recommendations to increase uniformity and efficiency for local government public works contracting
  • Rates of participation for small and minority-and-women owned businesses and barriers to improving the participation rate

Report to the Legislature