Use of the Capitol Campus

Name Web Word PDF Excel
Online Permit Application Web      
​Online Tour Request Web
Campus Use Agreement     PDF  
Restricted Alcohol Use Permit     PDF  
​Capitol Campus Activities and Events Web


Construction: Consultants, Contractors, Project Managers

View construction forms for these audiences.


View energy program forms.

Enterprise Wide Transportation

Name Word PDF Excel
Authorized Driver Acknowledgement Statement   PDF  
Safe Driving Practices Acknowledgement Statement   PDF  
New and Used Passenger Vehicle Purchase Request   PDF  
Risk Management and Safety Checklist for Drivers   PDF  
Valid License to Drive and Driving Experience Statement   PDF  


HR & Personnel

Personnel forms are located on the State HR site
Includes forms for job seekers, state employees, HR managers

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DES Employee Emergency Contact Form   Word    


Mail & Printing

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Mail Supply Order Form Web      



Name Web Word PDF Excel
Request for Reasonable Accomodation for Parking on the Capitol Campus   Word    
Annual Director/Agency Campus Parking Permit     PDF  


Professional Services Master Contracts

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Two Tier Contract User Guide   Word    
Work Request Template   Word    
Work Request Amenment Template Word


Real Estate

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2005 Leased Space Requirements (LSRs)     PDF  
Construction Bid Cost Breakdown Form (pages 10-11 of LSRs)       Excel
Energy Consumption Survey       Excel
Energy Walk-thru Survey   Word    
Alteration Request Form​ Web
Standard Lease Sample     PDF  
Janitorial Specifications - Exhibit J to lease document     PDF  
Delegated State Rental Agreement   Word    
Delegated State Rental Agreement for Parking Space     PDF  
Modified Pre-design (OFM) (requests for new space) Web      
Parking Requirements and Exemption Guidelines     PDF  
Tenant Estoppel and/or Subordination document request     PDF  
Lease Proposal Form - August 2013  Word​