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Enterprise Services consolidating and updating multiple parking policies to create one-stop-shop for information

The Department of Enterprise Services is consolidating parking policies, procedures and other requirements put in place by the former Department of General Administration (GA) to create a one-stop-shop for Capitol Campus parking policy information. GA oversaw parking until Enterprise Services was formed in 2011.

Once updated, the policy should be more useful for parkers and feature:

  • An improved resource guide
  • Clarified definitions and processes
  • Links to helpful information

While the majority of the content in the consolidated policy will remain the same, there are two enhancements in the draft policy, which follow recommendations from the 2015 Capitol Campus Parking Strategy Implementation Plan. They will:

  • Increase general parking by converting some agency reserved parking stalls to zoned stalls, which opens those stalls up for an additional parking utilization.
  • Increase availability of visitor parking.

The policy does not address:

  • The parking fee schedule
  • Operational work such as restriping
  • The way parking capacity levels are calculated
  • Policy implementation activities, such as how to start or stop payments for parking
  • Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) or modern work environment initiatives

In line with the implementation plan, the updated policy also makes meeting the current and future needs of campus parking customers more achievable by utilizing agencies, rather than the parking office, to address reasonable accommodation needs of parkers. Agencies also would have greater decision making in the assignments of reserved parking.

Additional information for ADA parkers

Agency Human Resources offices, who know their employees best, will have direct communication with agency employees who have reasonable accommodation needs under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If they have not already, your agency's Human Resources office will be getting in touch with you to discuss your specific needs associated with parking.


Enterprise Services is conducting a lengthy stakeholdering process as it updates and consolidates the policies, and so far has worked with the Attorney General's Office, the Governor's Disability Employment Task Force, the state Human Resources Director, HR directors from numerous agencies, the Department of Licensing, and the OFM Labor Relations Office. The agency also recently engaged unions regarding the draft policy updates.

Initial feedback was helpful to improve clarity as we consolidated the policies, and to reaffirm priorities. For example, we heard:

  • The need to clarify language on parking definitions
  • The need for a better parking enforcement program
  • The need to increase the availability of parking

Enterprise Services would like to hear from additional stakeholders on:

  • Does the draft policy improve clarity, and is it easy to understand?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Are the links to information useful?
  • Other feedback you believe would be helpful in making the policy a useful one-stop-shop for information?

People can submit feedback 24/7 online.

Capitol Campus Parking Strategy Implementation Plan

Consolidating, cleaning up and updating the policy is one of many things Enterprise Services is doing that supports work to improve parking on campus. Learn more about the implementation plan and the steps Enterprise Services is taking to increase parking capacity.