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Capitol Campus

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Enterprise Wide Transportation Policy

Enterprise Wide Transportation - Policy

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Real Estate Services

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Enterprise services, department of (formerly: general administration, state printer, parts of information services, department of personnel, and office of financial management) Title 200 WAC
Topic Area Chapters
Capitol Campus Buildings and Grounds  
Capitol Lake and adjoining lands and roadways 200-210
Display of flags – State capitol grounds 200-240
Requirements for commemorative and art works on state capitol grounds 200-230
State capitol grounds traffic and parking regulations 200-200
Use of the public areas of the capitol buildings and grounds 200-220
Contracts and Supply Chain Management  
Competitive contracting 200-320
Debarment procedures 200-305
Disposal of surplus property 200-360
Facilitation of private investment in energy conservation for state-owned facilities 200-350
Office of state procurement 200-300
Relationship and procedures between division of purchasing and state agencies 200-310
Small works roster 200-330
Suggested design and construction standards of sidewalk and curb ramps 200-340
Employee Training and Development  
Employee training and development 200-600
Energy Efficiency Services Account  
Energy efficiency services account 200-400
Compliance with State Environment Policy Act 200-10
Public records 200-01
Motor Vehicle Fleets  
State vehicle marking requirements and exceptions 200-500
Risk Management  
Affordable housing entity joint self-insurance property and liability program requirements 200-120
Flood mitigation standards for state agencies 200-130
Local government self-insurance health and welfare program requirements 200-110
Self-insurance requirements as to local governments and nonprofit corporations 200-100

Department of Enterprise Services 43.19
Alternative public works contracting procedures 39.10
Capitol Building lands 79.24
Contracts for architectural and engineering services 39.80
Office of Risk Management 4.92
Personal Service Contracts 39.29
Prevailing Wages on Public Works 39.12
Procurement of Goods and Services 39.26
Provisions in buildings for aged and handicapped persons 70.92
Public Works 39.04
Recycled Product Procurement 43.19a
State Agency Housing 43.82
State Building Code 19.27