Layoff and General Government Transition Pool

Layoff lists and the transition pool are maintained by the state to ensure agencies have access to experienced workers, and laid off employees have a way to provide their qualifications to agencies seeking candidates for open positions. Refer to Frequently Asked Questions for more information on layoff lists and the transition pool.

There are three lists:

  • Internal layoff list
  • Statewide layoff list
  • General Government Transition Pool

Internal Layoff List

If you receive formal written notice from your employer that you have been laid off, you are eligible for the internal layoff list. The internal layoff list is used to identify candidates for future vacancies within the agency.

  • Higher Education Institutions - If you work for a higher education institution check directly with your institution about layoff rights and lists.
  • General Government - Your layoff letter should state whether your employer maintains an internal layoff list, or uses DES to maintain the list.

Statewide Layoff List

Employees who have received formal written notice from their employer that they will be laid off may be eligible to be placed on the Statewide Layoff List.

DES maintains a centralized Statewide Layoff List that is used by multiple agencies and institutions to identify candidates for positions they are filling. Other state agencies or institutions may be looking for people with the competencies, skills, and abilities that you possess. Being placed on this list may improve your opportunities of rehire after layoff by giving you wider exposure to state employers. When requesting placement on the list keep in mind the following:

  • Refer to your layoff letter to find out your eligibility to be placed on statewide layoff list(s).
  • If you were laid off from a Higher Education class and apply to DES to be on the statewide layoff list for General Government, DES will determine comparable classes.
  • If you were laid off from a General Government job and are interested in employment or being placed on layoff lists with Higher Education you need to contact the individual institutions. The specific Higher Education employers will determine your eligibility for their layoff lists.


To apply to the layoff list maintained by Enterprise Services:


  1. Email ( a copy of the letter you received from your employer and the completed Layoff List Employment Preferences form requesting your name be added to the layoff list. Please list the job classes you want to be on the layoff list -- those you held permanent status in and lower job classes in the same class series. It is highly encouraged that you include a resume.

    Emailing your materials is preferable, but you can mail a copy of your letter. Be sure to include your email address because the Layoff Administrator will contact you via email. Send to:

    Department of Enterprise Services
    P.O. Box 41464
    Olympia WA 98504
    Fax: 360-507-9240
  2. If you need to make a change to your availability or contact information, send an email with your name, personnel number, and new information to Remember to also keep your contact information, including email address updated at

General Government Transition Pool (GGTP)

The GGTP is a skills-based pool available to general government, including Washington Management Service employees, who are eligible for the program per WAC 357-46-095. Higher Education employees are not eligible for placement in the GGTP.

To apply for the GGTP: You must contact your agency’s human resource (HR) office to find out if you are eligible to be placed on the list. If you are eligible, use the following steps to apply:

  1. Complete the GGTP Application, using the following as a guide:
  • Only indicate skills and abilities consistent with the types of jobs you want to be considered for
  • Submit a current resume that employers can review to consider you as a candidate
  • Email the completed form, resume, and a copy of your at-risk letter to Enterprise Services ( Note: If you do not have an at-risk letter, return the completed form and resume to your agency HR office for their signature. They will forward the materials to:

    GGTP Coordinator, Department of Enterprise Services
    P.O. Box 41464
    Olympia WA 98504
    Fax: 360-507-9240


  • Important note: DES is not able to accept a GGTP application that has not been signed by your agency HR representative (unless it is accompanied by an at-risk letter), electronic signatures are accepted.
  • Data is entered by the GGTP Coordinator at DES. Once entered in the GGTP, you will receive an email confirmation.


If you need to make a change to the availability or contact information on your GGTP application, send an email with your name, personnel number, and new information to (preferred method), fax to 360-507-9240, or mail to:

GGTP Coordinator
Department of Enterprise Services
P.O. Box 41464
Olympia, WA 98504