Rulemaking: WAC 200-220

Capitol Campus Use - Enforcement and appeals related to use of the Capitol Campus
The purpose of this rulemaking is to make technical edits for clarification and cleanup, clarify DES has delegated authority for enforcement to the Washington State Patrol, and establish an administrative exclusion and appeal process.
Effective Date:

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January 2022
Added to January-June 2022 Agency Rulemaking Agenda
May 2022
CR-101 filed with the Office of the Code Reviser
August 2022
Public comment period on discussion draft closed
August 2022
CR-102 filed with the Office of the Code Reviser
September 2022
Public comment period on proposed rule closed
September 2022
Public hearing on proposed rule held
March 2023
Rule adopted
March 2023
Permanent rules filed with the Office of the Code Reviser
June 2023
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Additional information

The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) is updating rules in Chapter 200-220 WAC Use of the Public Areas of the Capitol Buildings and Grounds. 

Updates to rules for use of Capitol Campus grounds and public areas in buildings

The Capitol Campus use rules have been updated to clarify operational coordination between DES and Washington State Patrol (WSP) and provide an administrative, non-criminal process to address violations of campus use rules.

Rulemaking steps:

About enforcement

DES and the WSP use overall public safety as a guide in seeking compliance with rules and laws. Our general approach is to start with engagement to avoid any enforcement action.

We then seek voluntary compliance, whenever possible. If needed, we use the lowest level enforcement action possible. The rule updates provide an administrative process to address violations of requirements governing use of the Capitol Campus that can be used as an option to avoid a criminal charge.
If this administrative enforcement action is used:

  • There is a process to appeal.
  • A first violation would result in exclusion from campus for 48 hours.
  • The second violation would result in exclusion for 30 days.
  • The third violation may result in exclusion for up to one year.
  • Not complying with a notice of exclusion is criminal trespass (9A.52 RCW Burglary and Trespass).

About campus use

All three branches of state government conduct their business on the Capitol Campus, more than 40 agencies have offices here, thousands of people participate in free speech activities, and thousands more people of all ages participate in civic education tours as well as events hosted on the campus.

Campus use rules are designed to balance the conduct of government business, public access and expression of free speech, public and employee safety and welfare, the stewardship of the capitol buildings and grounds, and civic education.

Protecting the right to assemble and exercise free speech on the Capitol Campus, which is a traditional public forum for free speech, is a top priority for DES and WSP.

Opportunities to participate in this rulemaking

DES will seek continuous feedback as we develop these updates. In addition to up-front work with anyone interested in participating with DES on updating the rules, a formal public comment period will be held later in the rulemaking process.

As rulemaking progresses, this page will be updated with new information including opportunities for anyone interested in participating with DES in updating the rules. Rulemaking information will first appear shortly after the time of DES's initial filing (CR-101 or CR-105) with the Office of the Code Reviser. The initial filing signals the start of rulemaking for each rulemaking listed on the rulemaking agenda.

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