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Technology Leasing


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The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) Technology Leasing Program helps state agencies and public institutions of higher education avoid large cash outlays by spreading the costs associated with procuring desktop and laptop personal computers, monitors, printers, servers, storage devices, network infrastructure, phones and peripherals, and conferencing equipment across two or three biennial budgets.

While the Office of Financial Management sets standard life cycles for specific systems, industry analysts say effective leasing strategies can reduce technology costs by up to 15 percent.

With the DES leasing program, agencies have a cost-effective solution for:

  • Replacing old or obsolete systems
  • Obtaining new systems to meet new requirements
  • Managing assets

This approach helps our customers meet state technology standards while reducing costs associated with asset management and procurement.


  • Lease terms that match the useful life of the assets (according to SAAM) for equipment with a total purchase value of $5,000 or more.
  • State agencies can replace large up-front cash outlays with fixed operational expenses – making budgeting easier.
  • Warranty services are provided by manufacturers or equipment vendors.
  • DES provides asset management but can transfer ownership to the leasing entity when the lease expires.
  • DES Surplus Operations redistributes end-of-lease computers to Washington K-12 schools through the Computers for Kids program.
  • For assets that have reached their end of useful life, DES provides disposal practices that keep cyber information safe and are environmentally friendly.

Customer Responsibilities:

To obtain these services, eligible organizations must enter into a Master Lease Agreement (MLA) with DES.

How do we charge?

Leasing rates are based on:

  • The principle — or actual price of the system.
  • The interest rates and fees issued by the State Treasurer for Certificate of Participation (COP) agreements.
  • An admin fee:
Type Amount
Single Asset Costing $0 - $500 $0.44 per unit
Single Asset Costing $501 - $5,000 $1.75 per unit
Single Asset Costing $5,001 - $50,000 $5.75 per unit
Single Asset Costing >$50,001 1% of the subtotal rounded down to the nearest whole number

For more information

For help with technology leasing, please email or call (360) 407-2241