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Agency Contract Reporting


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Goods and Services Procurement law (RCW 39.26) fosters transparency by maintaining a publicly available list of contracts and procurement efforts. An integral part of this reform is the requirement under RCW 39.26.210 for all state agencies and higher education institutions submit an annual report of their contracts to the Department Enterprise Services (DES).

Report Cycle

The reports are required on an annual basis and must include a list of contracts and/or amendments that are effective between July 1 and June 30 each year. The due date for individual agency reports to DES each year is September 1. To accommodate the delay in the start of contract reporting for 2019, we have extended the due date this year to September 15, 2019. Submit your completed report.

What’s New?

The contract reporting template has been updated to include statewide vendor number as an optional field.

There is a new reporting obligation that applies to all agencies for Information Technology contracts required under a proviso in section 150(10)(a) of the 2019-2021 operating budget. To find more information on this requirement, visit our IT Contracts Reporting webpage.

Publicly Accessible Reports

After contracts and/or amendments are reported, DES populates and maintains a publicly available list of these items on a searchable website, View the report for 2020.

The list contains agency and contractor names, contract dates and amounts, and purpose and procurement information for each contract. More details about the data can be found in the documents linked below.

Forms and Other Resources

View New Information for 2020

Agency Contracts Reporting Template

Frequently Asked Questions

Contract Reporting Training

WEBI Extract Instructions

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  • Policy DES-210-01 defines included and exempt contract types, the reporting process, and deadlines for the reporting cycles.
  • The goal of the new Procurement Reform law is to make the procurement process not only more transparent, but also more competitive and efficient.