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Purchasing Card, Travel Card and One Card


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The Commercial Card Solutions contract #00612 is a multi-state competitive procurement led by Washington State on behalf of and in collaboration with NASPO ValuePoint participating states.

Under this contract, US Bank offers a larger incentive share (rebate) for the Pcard and One Card programs than the previous contract, however, an incentive share (rebate) is not offered on the Commercial (travel) card program.

The contract includes several types of charge cards but the purchasing card – a Visa card – is the one most frequently used by agencies to buy goods and services. Unlike a personal credit card where the cardholder can pay only a portion of the amount due, public agencies must pay the entire balance in full each month. Using charge cards to buy goods and services helps public agencies better manage their purchasing processes, while improving efficiency and transparency. In addition to receiving incentive share (rebate)s, benefits include:

  • Lower administrative costs by issuing one payment per month to cover all purchases instead of processing multiple purchase orders and payments.
  • Better security because transactions can be monitored online almost immediately, rather than waiting for end-of-month invoices.
  • Quicker payments to suppliers.

Rebate Rates (effective 1/1/2019)

Category 1 – Purchase, Travel, One and Declining Balance Card Changes

  • Incentive #1 - Standard Volume, 150 BPS (up from 130)
  • Incentive #2 - DIRP Volume Incentive, 75 BPS - no change from previous Large Ticket Incentive
  • Incentive #3 - Speed of Pay/Prompt Payment Incentive, 45 BPS (max) - no change
  • Incentive #4 - NASPO Annual Sales Volume Incentive, 45 BPS - no change

Category 2 – Fleet Card Changes

  • Incentive #1 – Fleet Standard Volume, 124 BPS (down from 130)
  • Incentive #2 – Voyager Maintenance Solution® Volume, 300 BPS
  • Incentive #3 - Speed of Pay/Prompt Payment Incentive, 45 BPS (max) - no change
  • Incentive #4 - NASPO Annual Sales Volume Incentive, 37-42 BPS – depending on NASPO Fleet Standard Volume spend

To set up a new account, contact Leslie Massey at US Bank.
For questions about a current account, contact Cheryl Mielnicki at US Bank.
For more information about the program, contact Roni Field with the Department of Enterprise Services.

Interested in opening an account? Get started here.

Contract #00612 also includes Fleet Card Services.
A few helpful points about the Fleet program are included at the bottom of this page.

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Helpful Fleet Card Information

US Bank's Voyager Program provides an excellent way to manage your fleet cards.
To set up a new account or ask questions about a current account, contact Mark Hess.

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