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Purchasing Card, Travel Card and One Card

The Commercial Card Solutions contract #00612 is a multi-state NASPO ValuePoint competitive procurement led by Washington State on behalf of and in collaboration with NASPO ValuePoint participating states.

Under the new contract #00612, US Bank offers a larger incentive share (rebate) for the Pcard and One Card programs than the previous contract, however a incentive share (rebate) is not offered on the Commercial (travel) card program. The incentive share (rebate) structure on contract #00612 becomes effective on April 1, 2014.

The contract includes several types of charge cards but the purchasing card – a Visa card – is the one most frequently used by agencies to buy goods and services. Unlike a personal credit card where the cardholder can pay only a portion of the amount due, public agencies must pay the entire balance in full each month. Using charge cards to buy goods and services helps public agencies better manage their purchasing processes, while improving efficiency and transparency. In addition to receiving incentive share (rebate)s, benefits include:

  • Lower administrative costs by issuing one payment per month to cover all purchases instead of processing multiple purchase orders and payments.
  • Better security because transactions can be monitored online almost immediately, rather than waiting for end-of-month invoices.
  • Quicker payments to suppliers.

For more information about the program and how you can participate, contact Veronica Field with the Department of Enterprise Services or Leslie Massey at US Bank.

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Incentive Share (Rebate) figures for participants on current contract #00612 (became effective 04/01/2014)

Historic incentive share (rebate) figures for contract #03907 (contract ended 03/31/2014)


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US Bank Visa™ card training and support

US Bank will be providing several proven forms of training for Access Online, which is the web tool used to manage your card program(s). This training is geared towards the Program Administrator, IT, Accounting, and Management. Cardholders should receive their training internally and using the WBT (see below). For an overview of Access Online see the Access Online Brochure and Access Online Features & Benefits.

Microsoft LiveMeeting: Access Online training provided to you at your desk. This is an instructor-led course with the ability to watch online, listen and ask questions via a toll-free phone number.  This class is for Program Administrators at agencies who have recently started using US Bank's online software or have newly implemented the US Bank charge card program. WA ST Access Online Program Administrator 101 (this class will be available to WA ST NASPO ValuePoint programs once per quarter). Register online for these classes.

WBT – Web Based Training: Self-paced Access Online training anytime, any day. Our web based training is very comprehensive and includes user guides, sample statements, simulations and an optional certification process that includes quizzes to ensure your agency participants are trained. You may take this training as often as you need to and it is customized and available to Program Administrators, Approvers, and Cardholders. The WBT also houses all the PDF documents and manuals for Access Online functionality, including Quick Reference Guides. You can obtain the password for the WBT system by clicking on the Training Registration link.

  • Account Code Validation*
  • Account Set Up & Maintenance*
  • Cost Allocation*
  • Transaction Management*
  • Reporting*
  • Order Management*

*These classes are open to all US Bank clients

Program Management Approach: In addition to the above listed training tools, US Bank also provides a PMA web-site geared towards providing programs with examples and tools to ensure best practice standards are being implemented. This site has everything from sample Pcard Policies for organizations to sample communication letters to cardholders. See your Implementation or Account Manager for access to this web site.

User Forums: User forums are a great opportunity to learn more about the charge card program. These events often include "best practices" presentations, industry news, round table discussions, expert speaker panels, and updates on the Washington State Purchasing Card Program. Forums are intended for Program Administrators in each agency. US Bank will "train the trainer", and it is each agency's responsibility to train their cardholders.

Locations and dates (subject to change): Approximately two weeks prior to each Forum, a Department of Enterprise Services Biweekly Broadcast will be sent that indicates registration is open for the upcoming Forum. The Broadcast will include a link for registration, and more detailed information regarding the location and agenda of the Forum. Register to receive the DES Biweekly Broadcast.

2014 Purcashing Card Forum Presentations

2013 Purchasing Card Forum Presentations