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Sole Source and Emergency Purchase Announcements


Under state law (RCW 39.26.140(1)), agencies are required to make sole source purchases available for public inspection for a period of not less than 10 working days prior to the intended contract start date.

Under state law (RCW 39.26.130), agencies are required to make emergency purchases available for public inspection within 3 working days following the commencement of work or the execution of the contract, whichever occurs first. Information must remain available for the term of the contract or 5 working days, whichever is greater.

Agencies are required to post instructions on how to obtain a copy of sole source or emergency contracts. Therefore, the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) makes the below listed sole source and emergency contracts available for public inspection.

If you wish to obtain information or a copy of an intended sole source contract or emergency purchase listed below, please contact the DES Contact listed via email.

​Sole Source (SS)
Emergency (E)
Actual (E)
Intended (SS)
Contractor's Name
​Actual (E)
Intended (SS)
Period of Performance
​Actual (E)
Projected (SS)
Sole Source February 12, 2020 Oil Price Information Service, LLC (OPIS) OPIS will provide a monthly subscription service that will provide pricing reports for different fuel types for Pacific Northwest cities that include Pasco WA, Tacoma WA, Seattle WA, Spokane WA and Portland OR. This information will be delivered via email on a daily basis and will include gross standard prices for Biodiesel, Gasoline, Diesel and Propane. March 1, 2020
January 31, 2020
$16,921 Alexander Agidius