Capitol Lake Trails

The sidewalk and trail that surrounds the entire lake serves as a popular site year-round for people to run, walk and hike.

Pets are allowed. Department of Enterprise Services asks that owners please pick up after their pets.

Heritage Park

The park serves as a setting for environmental and recreational visitors alike. The park reinforces the state’s heritage through county markers along the lake’s edge, wetlands to the south that signify the state’s coastal areas, and a bluff on the north side that represents the state’s arid eastern areas.

The trail also connects to the Hillside Trail, which features a series of gentle switchbacks leading up to the Capitol Campus.

Trail length: 1.5 - 1.7 miles (see map)

Marathon Park

The small park provides waterfront recreation for walkers, runners and joggers. The park’s name commemorates the first U.S. Trials for the Women’s Olympic Marathon that began and ended there. The trail length varies depending on where joggers turn around.

The park is well-used with its parking lot, restroom facility, a dock, benches and tables.

Trail length: 0.4 - 1.7 miles (see map)

Other local trails