EDGE Program

We're developing a pilot program called "EDGE: Encouraging Diversity, Growth, and Equity." EDGE gives mini and micro-size construction firms an advantage in the public works bidding and procurement process. Our goal is to help meet the market need for more small firms in public works contracting.

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The EDGE program's purpose

The EDGE pilot program is for public works contracts under $1 million.  

It will provide training, technical assistance, and networking to help mini and micro businesses become prime contractors on state public works construction and improvement projects. Program participants will also receive access to EDGE-only bid opportunities for one to three years.  

EDGE eligibility requirements

Public works firms are eligible for EDGE if they're:

  • A mini or micro business
  • In business at least four years
  • Located in Washington state (physical or economic presence)
  • In good standing
  • In possession of all necessary licenses, registrations, and permits to do business in Washington

What is a micro or mini business?

  • Micro business: A business with annual gross receipts of $1 million or less in Washington.
  • Mini business: A business with annual gross receipts of $3 million or less in Washington.

EDGE program components

The key components of the EDGE program include:

  • Required DES public works training
  • Required no-cost access to professional certification (for first attempt)
  • Hands-on technical experience and assistance for navigating the Washington bidding rules and process
  • Connection with experienced firms and industry professionals through advisory groups

EDGE policy development

We're developing a policy statement to complete the details of the program. We'll be seeking public input as soon as a discussion draft is ready. 

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