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Centennial Challenge


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Celebrate Urban and Community Forestry

Time & date: Noon, October 18

Location: Capitol Campus, corner of Capitol Way and Sid Snyder Ave. S.W.

Event: Learn more about urban forestry and see the first 10 new trees planted. More event detail here.

Virtual event: If you cannot attend the event, please join us in honoring local Washington Tree City USA communities on social media. Look for hashtags #UrbanForestry #OlyCapitol #treecityusa and #WAtrees. Residents and businesses in tree city communities are encouraged to share shout-outs as well as photos of their favorite urban forests.


Western Hemlock
A new Western Hemlock, which is our state tree, will be planted during the Oct. 18 Urban and Community Forestry event.

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View the Flickr photo album of the Centennial Challenge tree planting efforts.

Centennial Challenge

100 new trees for the Capitol Campus

Enterprise Services is partnering with the Department of Natural Resources to plant 100 trees on the Capitol Campus between October 2019 and April 2020 in association with a challenge issued by the National Association of State Foresters (NASF).

The plantings will help jump-start overall DES tree planting plans.

A primary goal: Ensure a variety of tree sizes and ages throughout the campus into the future so that -- as trees reach the end of their life cycles -- there will not be large gaps on the campus.

In addition, three new moon trees will be planted on the campus during the Centennial Challenge.

Tree health and safety

Also this year, DES is addressing health and safety issues with four 100-plus-year-old Norway maples that are popular on the campus.

Tree planting zones

Tree planting plans are guided by two landscaping plans that are based on the original campus design (Olmsted Plan) and coordinated with overall master planning for the campus.

West Campus

Guided by the West Capitol Campus Historic Landscape Preservation Master Plan (2009 Mithun)

West Campus planting locations with ovalsWest Campus Buffer image showing planting locations with ovals

East Campus

Guided by East Campus Plaza Program and Schematic Design Plan (1996 EDAW Plan)

East Campus planting locations with ovals


Planting locations in Heritage and Marathon Park

Tree health and safety work

Many trees on campus are part of the original Olympia neighborhood. These trees were included when the campus was designed and are more than 100 years old. Through lots of care, we've been able to extend the lives of these "legacy trees" several years beyond what would be typically expected in an urban setting.

Safety Zone

In October: Trees 2 and 3 were removed because their health had deteriorated to the point that they were a safety hazard. These trees were rotting from the inside out and had large, heavy branches that hung over popular walkways.

In December: Trees 1 and 4 will be pruned and have improvements made to support braces holding up branches. These trees have health issues but the issues are manageable for now.