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December 2014 Report


 Contact Information


Department of Enterprise Services, Energy Program
Donna K. Albert, PE, MCE, CEM, LEED-AP
Cell Phone: (360) 489-2420

Department of Ecology

Hedia Adelsman
(360) 407-6222

Executive Order 12-06 (EO 12-06) directed all cabinet agencies to fully implement all facets of existing energy laws and regulations, including the measures described in Efficiency First Act, Chapter 19.27A RCW.

December 2014 Agency Reports on EO 12-06 Implementation

Each report includes a download from Porfolio Manager of building Energy Use Intensities (EUIs) and Energy Star scores for that agency, if the agency has shared that data with DES.

EO ReportBuilding Energy Use in Portfolio Manager
Agriculture, Department ofAgriculture, Department of
Chief Information Officer, Office of the​Chief Information Officer, Office of the
​Commerce, Department of​Commerce, Department of
Consolidated Technology ServicesConsolidated Technology Services
​​Corrections, Department of​Corrections, Department of
​Early Learning, Department of​Early Learning, Department of
​​​Ecology, Department ofEcology, Department of
Employment Security DepartmentEmployment Security Department
​Enterprise Services, Department ofEnterprise Services, Department of
​​Financial Institutions, Department ofFinancial Institutions, Department of
Financial Management, Office of ​Financial Management, Office of
​​​Health, Department ofHealth, Department of
​​Health Care Authority​Health Care Authority
​Labor and Industries, Department of​​Labor and Industries, Department of
Licensing, Department ofLicensing, Department of
Military DepartmentMilitary Department
​​Puget Sound Partnership​Puget Sound Partnership
Retirement Systems, Department of​Retirement Systems, Department of
​​​Revenue, Department of​Revenue, Department of
​​Social and Health Services, Department ofSocial and Health Services, Department of
​Student Achievement Council​Student Achievement Council
​​​Tranportation, Department ofTranportation, Department of
Utilities and Transportation CommissionUtilities and Transportation Commission
​​​​Veteran’s Affairs, Department of​Veteran’s Affairs, Department of
Washington State PatrolWashington State Patrol

For more information:

Department of Enterprise Services Energy Program
Donna K. Albert, PE, MCE, CEM, LEED-AP
Office Phone: (360) 489-2420