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Loss Prevention Reports

Pursuant to RCW 43.19.782, Loss Prevention Review Teams (LPRT) submit a written report to DES and the head of the state agency involved in the loss containing their findings and recommendations regarding the incident reviewed. Use the table below to review LPRT reports and agency responses.

Report date LPRT report Reported incident Response date Agency response
June 2009 Examination of State Employee Driver Safety in Washington Recommendations for obtaining pertinent vehicle inventory and collision frequency information to conduct necessary analysis of state worker collision rates. 10/06/09 OFM Response

November 2008

Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), Children’s Administration

Serious injury to a child possibly related to the provision of voluntary services to the child’s family by the Children’s Administration.


DSHS-CA Response

May 2007

Department of Social and Health Services, Economic Services Administration Division of Child Care and Early Learning

Serious injury to a toddler at a family home child care facility.


DEL Response

October 2005

Columbia Basin Community College/Washington State University

Examined policies and procedures from Washington State University and Columbia Basin Community College related to transportation of students and program participants in 15-passenger vans.



November 2005

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

Examined five drowning incidents that occurred in state parks in 2003.



May 2004

Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

Three 2003 incidents in which off-road vehicle riders were either seriously injured or killed due to accidents occurring on state land managed by the Department of Natural Resources.


DNR Response

July 2004

Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)

Two 2002 incidents of juvenile offenders with extensive criminal records and prior incarcerations committed serious offenses involving death and personal injury while on parole.


DSHS Response

January 2005

Department of Corrections (DOC)

Two incidents that took place in January and March of 2003 involving three offenders on supervision who were arrested and charged with murder.


DOC Response

June 2004

Secretary of State

A water system hose burst above the first floor of the Dolliver Building.


GA Response

June 2003

Big Bend Community College

A student was seriously injured by hot shrapnel in the Aviation Maintenance Technology Program.


Big Bend CC Response