Human Resources

HR Case Studies (8 Hours)

Course Code: 01-09-HR58

Apply what you have learned to real-life HR case studies.  Develop a “best practice” framework toanalyze scenarios, determine risks, and recommend next steps.  


Course is designedaround HRCI® and SHRM exam content areas to prepare for the examination.


Performance Objectives: At the completion ofthis course you should be able to:


  • Identify the structure of the strategic planning process and be able to apply strategic processes and cultural development activities to help create an employer of choice.
  • Work through development of an employee selection tool and test its efficacy.
  • Evaluate selection systems.
  • Garner additional skills and experience in appropriately addressing employee relations issues as they arise.
  • Identify key workforce planning activities and demonstrate competency in their utilization.
  • Develop specific and concise employee learning objectives for training that provide you the means to evaluate whether the training was successful.
  • Evaluate & discuss various types of risks that HR should be aware of and proactive in preventing.



Competencies covered inthis course: Overviewof all human resources with application to case studies.


Intended Audience: Individualsseeking to enter the field of human resources; non-HR professionals insupervisory roles who have the responsibility for interviewing, training,evaluating, or disciplining employees; and new or experienced managersinterested in learning more about efficient employee management skills.


Pre-requisite: Courseis best suited to current HR Professionals or students who have completed bothHR Essentials & HR Strategic Planning.