Information Technology

SQL Server Performance Tuning and Monitoring

Course Code: 01-04-T903
This 2-day course is about getting the best performance out of your SQL Server. We start by looking at the internals of SQL Server and how it interoperates with Windows. Then, building upon that knowledge, we begin troubleshooting performance and enacting best practices in order to get more out of our servers. During these sections, we will also be using monitoring tools and views so we can quantify our results. We will also look at how best to deploy SQL Server in a virtual environment.
Versions Covered: any version from 2005 forward

    Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

    • Describe the architecture of SQL Server
    • Understand SQL Server’s query optimizer
    • Select the “best” hardware for deployment
    • Evaluate storage and memory solutions to maximize performance
    • Use In-Memory OLTP to maximize performance
    • Describe, analyze, and quantify query performance
    • Evaluate and optimize locking behavior
    • Maximize TEMPDB use
    • Leverage caching to improve query performance
    • Tune SQL Server in a virtual environment like VMware or Hyper-V

    Audience: Administrators and Programmers who work with SQL Server