Working with Generational Differences

Course Code: 01-09-M586
There are many benefits of a multigenerational workforce. There can be “generational gap” challenges as well. The “generational gap” in the workplace is, broadly speaking, the difference in behavior and outlook between groups of people who were born at various times. “Generation gaps” at work mean more effort is needed to cultivate an environment that respects each generation’s perspective and way of life. Bridging the “generational gap” in the workplace is an important task that does not need to be difficult.

This course will assist you in enhancing your communication effectiveness by understanding the events and influences that shaped different generations and by developing skills and strategies to build mutual purpose and respect among employees in different generations.

Performance Objectives
Upon completion, participants should be able to:
  • Understand the major influences leading to today’s changing workplace.
  • Understand the events and influences that have impacted and differentiated the generations and how they have affected communication and work approaches in today’s organizations.
  • Explore and practice effective tools and strategies for dealing with the most common communication challenges between the generations.
  • Explore how to enhance employee engagement in the workplace.
  • Explore how to use the “Titanium Rule: do unto others keeping their preferences in mind” in working through generational differences.
  • Learn how to use “the Principles for Connecting.”
  • Competencies covered: Communication, performance management, conflict resolution, and team building.

    Intended Audience: Public sector managers, supervisors, lead workers, and employees at all levels.

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