Information Technology

Access 2016 Level 3

Course Code: 01-04-D729

Your past classes and experience with Access have equipped you with a good grasp of tables, queries, and reports. In this advanced class, you will more about organizing current data, writing complex queries, and using macros. You'll also learn how to perform database maintenance.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Restructure data into appropriate tables.
  • Ensure data dependency.
  • Minimize redundancy.
  • Write advanced queries to analyze data.
  • Design advanced forms and summary reports.
  • Customize reports with advanced features.
  • Create and revise Access 2016 macros.
  • Use administration tools to maintain your database.
  • Distribute and securing a database.
  • Manage a switchboard.

Recommended Prerequisite: We recommend you complete Access 2016 Level 1 and Access 2016 Level 2 or have equivalent experience before registering for this course.

Intended Audience: All audiences with experience using Access.