Personal & Professional Development

Motivational Strengths (16 Hours)

Course Code: 01-14-PS23

Experience more motivation with less effort. Learn the science behind what motivates you and others in ways that are more sustainable, inspiring, and enjoyable. Apply these well-researched principles to your own life, to your work, your co-workers, and your team.  Motivational Strengths are your most meaningful, energizing, and effective actions. Learning to use your motivational strengths helps you make the best of difficult situations, help others more effectively, experience less stress, and get more done. Participants learn how to appreciate and bring out the best in themselves and others, which helps create better relationships and more successful teams at work. This class provides a new, unique definition to strengths that is based on over 50 years of self-determination research. Taking this class will help you understand and implement your strengths in new and powerful ways. 

Performance Objectives:  Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

              Identify and understand your Motivational Strengths.

              Learn how to best use your Motivational Strengths in your job.

              Identify what you can do differently to tap into your natural motivators.

              Recognize what naturally motivates others to find how they can best contribute.

              Understand the basic psychological needs that drive authentic motivation.

              Shift your focus towards what naturally helps people feel safe and fulfilled, move towards collaboration and cooperation between people and away from activities and interactions based on control and compliance

              Identify the difference between authentic motivators that lead to actions that we naturally want to do and controlled motivators that cause us to take actions that we might not voluntarily take part in.

              Identify the appropriate use and consequences of controlled and authentic motivators.

              Learn how to communicate your own needs in an effective way while also learning to solicit the needs of others to bring out the best in your teammates

              Practice communication and coaching techniques for building understanding, resilience, and a plan for change during challenging times.

Audience:  Individuals looking to enhance their productivity and engagement in work and personal life.

Pre-requisites:  There are no pre-requisites. This class is complementary to Clifton Strengthsfinder and the MBTI assessment. It will help you make the connections from these core abilities to how they contribute to your work.