Information Technology

ASP.NET Core and Angular Programming

Course Code: 01-04-T922

As the web continues to grow and change Microsoft and Google now make two of the most powerful tools for creating websites in ASP.NET Core and Angular. This class will get you more comfortable with the new workflow necessary for making these Single Page Applications and covers a variety of topics from start to deployment.

This two-day class covers ASP.NET Core 2 and Angular 5 though will map to older and newer versions of both frameworks in many cases. We will be using Visual Studio 2017 to edit and publish code.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Implement ASP.NET Core for the Server-Side
  • Implement Angular for the Client-Side
  • Use Visual Studio to create, edit, and deploy a web site
  • Implement TypeScript
  • Implement Bootstrap for styling
  • Use Node.js and the npm to manage packages in JavaScript
  • Use Webpack to manage dependencies
  • Implement Controllers, Views, and Models using MVC
  • Implement Dependency Injection for testing and reliability
  • Deploy and Configure an app to a web server

Intended Audience: Anyone who will be making websites using Microsoft Technologies

Recommended Prerequisites: To be successful in this course, you should be familiar with using personal computers, the mouse and keyboard. You should be able to use Windows to launch and close programs; navigate to information stored on the computer; and manage files and folders. Highly recommended that users have experience in: Windows, C#, ASP.NET and JavaScript knowledge