How to Explain Science, Share Data & Build Trust: Psntn Skills for Scientists & Pub Officials

Course Code: 01-14-EM04

Do you speak at conferences, public meetings, or other events where you need to convey a specific message? Have you ever felt like you didn’t quite hit the mark by the lackluster responses from your audience? Would you like to authentically engage people and help them to consider a different point of view? This popular two-day class features best practices for designing presentations and is especially geared towards scientists and professionals who work in the public and private sectors. It is grounded in brain science and adult learning principles and has a proven track record for changing behavior. Participants will create a 5-minute presentation, using a work-related topic, to demonstrate best practices in presenting science-based information and engaging an audience. Instructor, Cathy Angell has 18 years of experience coordinating and teaching in Ecology’s Coastal Training Program. She is nationally known for her transformative methods of presentation design and delivery, receiving a communications award in 2015 from NOAA.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Transform the way you do PowerPoint;
  • Deliver a crystal-clear message;
  • Present data in a way that sticks in people’s brains;
  • Make your data come alive with story-telling;
  • Keep your audience interested and engaged.

Intended Audience: Scientists, educators, and outreach staff who work for state agencies