Human Resources

Employee and Labor Relations

Course Code: 01-09-HR56

This class covers analyzing, developing, implementing/administering and evaluating the workplace relationship between employer and employee, in order to maintain relationships and working conditions that balance employer and employee needs and rights in support of the organization’s strategic goals, objectives, and values.

This course is a required for the Human Resources Certificate and is designed around HRCI® and SHRM exam content areas to prepare you for the examination.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand and apply federal, state, and local laws affecting employment in union and nonunion environments such as antidiscrimination laws, sexual harassment, labor relations, and privacy.
  • Assess an organization’s climate through employee input and the use of tools such as focus groups, employee surveys, and staff meetings.
  • Facilitate change activities as appropriate in response to employee feedback or to promote positive organizational culture.
  • Use metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of employee relations programs.
  • Establish an effective communication strategy for workplace policies and procedures.
  • Monitor the enforcement of workplace policies and procedures to ensure consistency.
  • Define and counsel on individual employment rights, issues, and practices of the organization.
  • Develop, administer, and evaluate grievance/dispute resolution and performance improvement policies and procedures.
  • Resolve employee complaints filed with federal, state, and local agencies involving employment practices, using professional resources as necessary.
  • Participate in collective bargaining activities, including contract negotiation and administration.

Competencies Covered: Human resources, employee and labor relations

Intended Audience: Individuals seeking to enter the field of human resources; non-HR professionals in supervisory roles who have the responsibility for interviewing, training, evaluating, or disciplining employees; and new or experienced managers interested in learning more about efficient employee management skills

Prerequisite: Human Resource Essentials