Personal & Professional Development

Crucial Learning Crucial Accountability Add-On

Course Code: 01-03-EC34

This on-demand experience of Crucial Conversations for Accountability Add-On is a course for graduates of Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue and takes a deeper dive into the accountability skills for managing performance--from coaching through behavior challenges, to helping people identify and achieve goals, and get back on track when performance falters. Anchored on the foundations of holding impactful dialogue, this course focuses on skills for candidly and respectfully holding peers accountable regardless of the other person's power, position, or authority.

Most people hesitate to discuss peer performance problems like improper shortcuts, poor attention to detail, and incomplete work. And the longer they take to speak up, the worse things get. Crucial Conversations for Accountability gives people the skills to say something when they see something, to elevate team members and close the gap between expectations and performance. 

Performance Objectives:  Upon completion of this course you should be able to: 

·       Hold anyone accountable, regardless of position or personality.

·       Begin ay performance discussion on the right foot, avoiding defensiveness and costly arguments.

·       Diagnose the underlying causes of misaligned or bad behavior.

·       Motivate without using power and enable without taking over. 

Competencies covered in the course:  Communication effectiveness 

Intended Audience: Public sector employees at all levels of the organization, from leadership to frontline employees. 

Prerequisites:  Must have completed the course Crucial Conversations.