Information Technology

C# Level 1

Course Code: 01-04-T901
If you are new to C# programming, you will want to take this course to learn the syntax for building applications with Visual C#. Level 1 uses a step by step hands-on tutorial approach to learning the essential techniques for writing and running your first C# code. This course focuses on learning the C# language, as opposed to using Visual Studio.

    After successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

    • Use variables, operators and expressions
    • Declare and call methods and apply scope
    • Make decisions with If and Switch statements
    • Write While, For and Do loops
    • Catch and handle exceptions
    • Manage classes and objects
    • Use arrays and collections
    • Work with inheritance
    • Implement Garbage Collection
    • Handle events
    • Validate data

    Audience: This course is for anyone needing to program C#

      Book: Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step (8th Edition)

      ISBN-13: 978-1509301041

      Length: 2 Days