Crucial Learning Coaching Crucial Conversations for Leaders & HR Professionals

Course Code: 01-03-EC45

As leaders and HR professionals you have the opportunity to help people through difficult conversations every day. Conversations that are keeping team members from achieving results in their lives. Ranging from awkward or failing relationships to dysfunctional teams, to cost, quality, or safety problems at work. Your team members are often just a few skillful conversation or two away from solving these challenges.

Leveraging the Crucial Conversations model you learned in the Crucial Conversations training, you will explore how to help coach team members through these high-stakes, strong emotions, and opposing opinion conversations.

You need to review your Crucial Conversations model prior to class so that we can dive deeper into the content.

Course Objectives: As a result of taking this Crucial Conversation add-on training you should be able to:

  • Help people identify where they are stuck and unbundle the complex web of issues often involved with Crucial Conversations.
  • Help people get their head and heart right so they can show up in a way that is beneficial in getting them what they want.
  • Make it safe for yourself and others to be in dialogue
  • Learn active listening skills
  • Help turn talking into action

Pre-requisite: Must have taken Crucial Conversations and bring your kit to class.

Intended Audience: Managers, HR professionals, and teams that took Crucial Conversations and are looking for way to use these skills more effectively.