Policy Writing Workshop

Course Code: 2254

Join a cohort of learners gathered to develop and sharpen communication, creative, and critical thinking skills for writing effective policy papers or briefs. In this immersive writers’ experience, you’ll discover, develop, and practice new skills within a policy-writing framework. We encourage you to bring real-world challenges and initiatives into your course experience.

Learning and Performance Objectives - In this course, you gain experience and skills to:

  • Identify a problem or issue.
  • Identify an appropriate policy solution.
  • Identify and describe policy options.
  • Assess policy options and consider frameworks for prioritizing them.
  • Form logical and effective formal arguments and narratives.
  • Organize the writing process for policy documents—papers or briefing books.
  • Convey information in plain language.
  • Write each section of a policy document well.

Competencies Covered: Written Communication