Everything DIsC Management: Harnessing Your Management Style

Course Code: 2280

How do you bring out the best in every employee?  And how do you capitalize on your own management style while tapping into the strengths of each team member?  This course will provide you with leadership tools to recognize your own priorities and preferences and how these shapes your experiences managing others.  You will learn how your style influences how you manage time, make decisions, approach problems, and delegating others.  You will also learn strategies for managing those from other styles.

The course includes a 27-page research-validated management specific profile report that will help you better understand your approach to managing and developing others, as well as your perspectives on directing and delegating.  You will also learn how DIsC style influences the factors that others find motivating. The profile will help you discover your DIsC management style, understand how your unique style informs your approach to directing and delegating and how you can effectively manage up.

Pre-Work:  Learners will take the Everything DIsC Management assessment prior to coming to the workshop.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: 

·       Discover your DISC management style

·       Recognize the priorities and preferences that shape your experience as a manager of others

·       Deepen your understanding of how your style informs your approach to key management functions

·       Appreciate and value differences in perspectives and approach

·       Readily and consistently adapt to the unique needs of each person or situation you encounter

·       Learn your team members’ strengths, when to pull them into a project, and what stresses them out

·       Compare preferences and tendencies across a range of workplace behaviors using the DIsC model

·       Gain access to tips to help you manage better together in a variety of situations

·       Learn how to build better relationships with your manager, teammates, and stakeholders

Competencies Covered: Self-Awareness, management skills, relationship-building, strategies for team effectiveness, social and emotional skills training, methods to foster workplace belonging, communication skills, team building, delegation skills, employee motivation. 

Intended Audience:  Public sector leaders