Coaching Mindset

Course Code: 2282

How can you help employees overcome obstacles and act? One of the most effective ways you can achieve this is to develop a coaching mindset. A coaching mindset is one that is open, curious, and adaptable to the needs of others. When you can use this kind of mindset as you coach your team members, transformation can happen! This ½ day course will provide you with a powerful new mindset as well as practical coaching skills so that you are able to engage your employees who are “stuck” and move them to action so you can achieve organizational results. You will have tools to help your employees so that they can reflect on their own experiences and discover how they have been held back by their own limited beliefs. Learn how to leverage coaching moments, engage in meaningful conversations, and create relationships of trust with your team members to drive results, enhance performance, and increase morale. 

Performance Objectives: Upon of this course, you should be able to: 

  • Facilitate meaningful conversations by asking powerful questions
  • Deepen your ability to understand by engaging in listening, without judgment
  • Identify the most common coaching pitfalls and how to overcome them
  • Help move team members from being stuck to taking action
  • Gain access to tips to help team members take responsibility for their own choices
  • Learn how to build better relationships with your manager, teammates, and stakeholders’ completion
  • Gain practical coaching strategies that you can use in a variety of situations 

Competencies Covered: Self-Awareness, relationship-building, coaching skills, social and emotional skills training, skills to increase empathy, communication skills, team building, stress reduction.

Audience:  Public sector leaders