Leading an Inspired Workforce Part II: Creating a Motivating Work Environment

Course Code: 2283

Workplaces can be dull, boring and “demotivating.” Those same workplaces can be fun, challenging, and rewarding places to work. The difference between these two extremes lies in the way the work is organized and managed. In this one-day class, participants learn how to maximize worker performance by tapping key motivational needs.

Workplaces can be organized and managed so as to frustrate or fulfil a worker’s motivational needs. In this workshop, participants will learn skills and information necessary to diagnose the reason behind a motivational deficiency and the strategies necessary to overcome it.

Performance Objectives
Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  • Describe why “unmotivated” people behave the way they do.
  • Describe a strategy for helping people grow in their jobs.
  • Describe seven common pitfalls of recognizing employee contributions and a strategy for avoiding each.
  • Demonstrate an ability to help employees listen to each other.
  • Describe five characteristics of high-performance teams.
  • Demonstrate an ability to analyze the symptoms of low motivation and identify the cause thereof.
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply course concepts to their work environments.

    Attendance in this course includes:
  • Opportunities to practice the skills demonstrated in the workshop
  • Free telephone assistance after the workshop ends
  • A copy of Precision Management, by Richard Lynch
  • Intended Audience: This class is helpful for all people who supervise others. It is particularly important for those who face disgruntled, resistant, or otherwise “unmotivated” employees and those who feel overwhelmed by their workloads. It is also a valuable course for mid-level managers who want their direct reports to become more capable supervisors.

    Cost: The cost of this course will be displayed on the class registration page.