Right RESPONSE Primer

Course Code: 2286

The RIGHT RESPONSE® Primer course teaches participants a holistic approach to establishing psychological safety in their workplaces: through preparation and management of oneself for success when needing to de-escalate an individual or avoid their potentially dangerous behavior. 

Participants in this workshop will learn the cycle of risk management and response. This process includes a large focus on Prevention strategies as well as De-escalation techniques. Post-crisis reflection is also a necessary task of risk management and response. 

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

·       Develop an appreciation of the role self-awareness and self-management plan in preventing behavioral escalations

·       Expand your understanding of the dynamics of stress and recognize their individual experiences of stress

·       Learn the concept of Optimal Performance Range™ as it relates to the cycle of stress reactions

·       Expand your capacity for self-care through gaining strategies to manage stress and identify your OPR in a given situation

·       Interact with the de-escalation process

·       Learn multiple de-escalation techniques focused on yourself, others, and the environment

·       Develop an appreciation for reflective practice and practice analyzing incidents productively to better manage them in the future 

Competencies Covered: In understanding that we individually contribute to stressful situations, we focus on building competencies in self-management, stress reduction, and verbal de-escalation techniques.  We also provide tools on preventing escalations by monitoring our optimal performance range and creating proactive environments.  We also increase competencies in post-vention debriefs to learn from our experience in a stressful or escalated situation and recognize how we can better manager ourselves and prevent such incidents in the future. 

Intended Audience:  While this training is appropriate for all audiences, we recommend this training for those individuals who have a responsibility in maintaining the safety and productivity of an environment.