Cycle of Reflecting

Course Code: 2287

In this bite-sized leadership course participants apply our Cycle of Reflecting model for examining mistakes and successes through the lens of learning. The Cycle of Reflecting tool facilitates a fearless look at mistakes and successes. Individuals applying this tool gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics underlying successful and unsuccessful ventures. By creating a culture of open inquiry, leaders can achieve and sustain high performance, individually and within teams. 

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to: 

     Expand their appreciation of reflective practice

     Be familiar with a framework for transforming mistakes and successes into learning opportunities

     Understand how culture impacts the way mistakes are viewed

     Work through a mistake in a productive way by:

o   describing the mistake and what led up to it

o   describing the impacts of the mistake

o   checking assumptions

o   checking communication

o   checking power

o   checking habits and beliefs

o   committing to change

     Practice working through mistakes and successes using the Cycle of Reflecting

     Understand the variety of ways in which the Cycle of Reflecting can be used to enhance work performance, increase team cohesiveness, and lead teams toward sustainable achievements. 

Competencies Covered: Introspection, Incident Debriefing

 Intended Audience:  This course is beneficial for formal and informal leaders of all levels, and across professions. The information and competencies advanced through this training are also applicable in everyone’s life outside of work.