Wilderness First Aid Team Building

Course Code: 2310

The wilderness is the grand backdrop for decision-making with limited resources, time pressures, diverse interpersonal problems, and training, as well as sometimes conflicting social pressures. In the unpredictable, challenging, and dynamic wilderness environment, participants learn five key principles—leadership is a skill requiring constant practice, to lead from many diverse directions, behave well, keep calm, and focus on your team and its welfare to succeed; principles that apply directly to today’s business world.

Performance Objectives
Upon completion, participants should be able to:

·  Know how to prepare to operate in a complex environment with limited resources

·  How to integrate diverse groups into a team

·  Develop Communication skills for a dynamic environment

·  Negotiation skills for complex teams

·  How to deal with various problem scenarios and injuries

·  How and when to be intractable

·  When to Compromise

·  When to Surrender

 Competencies covered: Developing groups in a dynamic environment; team building and team management; resource management.

 Intended Audience: Public sector employees