CPR Plus Team Formation and Training

Course Code: 2320

This course is designed to help managers understand the control they have over CPR class content and how to use the content to develop leadership skills within their teams. Discover what CPR classes should consist of, learn the differences between lay responders v. first responders, Federal and State laws, incident control, and much more.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe What CPR classes are and are not
  • Understand the difference between Lay responders and First responders
  • Identify OSHA compliance v. WA License requirements
  • Understand the components of an emergency environment
  • Understand how to treat for overdoses
  • Understand how to handle Blood Borne Pathogen contamination
  • Describe how to manage an incident scene and call for help
  • Quickly form and lead a team in an emergency situation
  • Identify and perform types of CPR (Compression only, Standard CPR)
  • Explain the components of a First Aid kit
  • Effectively use an AED

Competencies Covered: First Aid/CPR, leadership during a medical emergency