Information Technology

Film and Video Basics

Course Code: 2348

Action! Cut! Roll Camera! Filming is not just for the big screen – it is an effective medium to relay information whether you are waiting in your doctor’s office or accessing a website. Create more engaging informational and training videos by including film to tell your story. In this course you will learn the basics of capturing video. The best part is – with the right tools, you can use a modern cell phone to capture high quality video! We will discuss the basics of framing, lighting, and motion on screen, as well as how to get the best images using tools that can assist you with identifying proper focus and exposure.

Performance Objective: By the end of this course you will be able to:

• Understand basic recording techniques.

• Understand types of lenses and when to use them

• Create an effective storyboard and shot list to use as a roadmap for your project.

• Create a well framed image to appropriately draw the viewer’s attention.

• Understand lighting basics.

• Understand how and why to implement concepts like the 180 degree rule, eye-line consistency, and the rule of thirds.

• Know how to use tools to assist with focus and exposure.

• Understand how and why to use a slate.

Pre-Requisites: None.

Requirements: A device capable of capturing video that you are comfortable using (cell phones are fine!).