Leading Well in an Anxious World

Course Code: 2354

This workshop, based on Edwin Friedman’s book, A Failure of Nerve, addresses two areas of leadership anxiety – the anxiety in the room, and the anxiety within ourselves.  If you have ever had conflict with a colleague, found yourself having to stand alone on an issue, or been confused by the tensions in a meeting, this workshop offers a framework for moving forward.

Differentiated Leadership orientates towards strength, remains reliably connected even in conflict, rejects blame, and leads with a non-anxious presence. This workshop will focus on three key areas that make Differentiated Leaders stand out; knowing their authentic voice, understanding where they may be triangulated at work, and defining themselves in the face of stress.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: 

-        State key differences between Differentiated Leadership and Anxious Leadership.

-        Understand what common themes inform anxious responses in leadership.

-        Name where they are currently experiencing triangulation.

-        Practice defining themselves with colleagues as a way through gridlock.

Competencies Covered: Emotional intelligence, curiosity, growth mindset, collaboration, self -management, leadership

Intended Audience:  Public sector leaders