Leadership Essentials

Course Code: 2372

In this engaging 2-day workshop, leaders will dive into how to take their leadership skills and decision-making abilities up a notch. They'll explore ways of motivating and recognizing staff that lead to successful teams with trustworthiness at the helm. Understanding the far-reaching effects they can have on individuals, groups, and organizational cultures is key for experts in good leadership, which is why participants also examine strengths within themselves as well as improving competencies crucial for being an effective leader overall.

The course includes a research-validated assessment and access to the Catalyst platform, a personalized, online learning platform that allows leaders to begin their DISC journey and provides tools and resources to go deeper into the style and implications, as well as real-time tips that integrates DiSC into the flow of work.

Pre-work: Learners will take the Everything DISC Workplace assessment prior to coming to the workshop.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Increase your authenticity, trust, and communication skills
  • Appreciate and value difference in perspective and approach
  • Enhance essential leadership skills such as coaching, building teams, and providing recognition
  • Learn how to build better relationships with your manager, teammates, and stakeholders with the outcomes of fostering engaged, collaborative, and high-performance culture.
  • Intended Audience: Public Service Leaders