Ensuring Psychological Safety & Wellbeing at Work

Course Code: 2373

Psychological safety is essential to ensuring a healthy work environment. It's the belief that one can speak up without fear of punishment or humiliation. Psychological safety is a critical component of high-quality decision making, healthy group dynamics, innovation, and productivity in organizations. Studies have demonstrated that psychologically safe environments are directly linked to increased engagement, collaboration, wellness, and overall productivity. In fact, Google's Project Aristotle found psychological safety to be the number one factor of high-performing teams.

This training will provide participants with the tools and skills necessary to create and nurture psychological safety at work, both individually and as a member of a team and organization. With the help of an experienced facilitator who has been certified in psychological safety, learners will walk away with practical strategies to implement immediately in their own workplaces. By understanding how to create a psychologically safe workplace, participants can benefit from improved team performance, better decision making, and increased morale.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: 

  • Define psychological safety and explain its importance in creating high performing teams and organizations.
  • Identify the dimensions of psychological safety and how they contribute to a healthy work environment.
  • Recognize the connection between psychological safety and employee wellness.
  • Distinguish between behaviors that will cultivate psychological safety and those that will not.
  • Measure your psychological safety.
  • Apply the skills and tools you learn in class to improve your psychological safety at work.
  • Develop an individualized action plan to increase psychological safety at work, including action steps to take and resources needed.

Competencies Covered: Psychological safety, employee wellness, interpersonal relationships

Intended Audience: This training is designed for anyone interested in creating and cultivating psychologically safe workplaces. It is also helpful for managers, supervisors and HR professionals who support others in the workplace. HR professionals may earn 5 CEU credits for SHRM.