Information Technology

Acrobat Pro DC

Course Code: 2386

Have you ever had to work with a PDF document and struggled to get the adjustments you need done?  Come spend the day finding out the tricks and tips that will allow you to be more efficient working in these formats to make it seamless! This course covers intermediate topics for Adobe Acrobat Pro, including creating new PDF files, modifying existing PDF files, and creating electronic forms.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Convert Microsoft Office files to and from Acrobat PDF.
  • Embedding source documents within PDFs for later revisions.
  • Create PDFs from web content.
  • Use Bookmarks and Links.
  • Combing multiple source files into a PDF binder.
  • Turn PDFs into electronic forms.
  • Optimize and reduce file sizes in Acrobat.
  • Use features such as Spell Check, Find and Replace, and Advanced Search.
  • Protect PDFs with Password Security.

Competencies Covered: Intermediate Acrobat DC

Intended Audience: Anyone who uses Acrobat