Information Technology

Programming in SQL Servers Level 2

Course Code: 2387

Microsoft’s implementation of the SQL language includes easy to use but powerful programming features—including stored procedures, user-defined functions, and database triggers.   Taking advantage of these programmable objects can significantly improve responsiveness, help maintain data integrity, and prevent unintended exposure of your SQL database design to unauthorized users—which is a common issue when sending plain-text SQL requests from online applications.

This two-day course introduces students to fundamental skills for programming in SQL Server and provides best practice guidelines for securely responding to data requests.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to SQL Programmable Objects
  • Practice using Common Table Expressions (CTE’s) when constructing SQL Queries
  • Passing Parameters to Stored Procedures
  • Designing Stored Procedures that Insert, Delete or Update data
  • Converting Plain-Text Queries into Stored Procedures
  • Calling Stored Procedures from an Outside Application
  • User-Defined Functions and When to Use Them
  • Database Triggers:  Do’s and Don’ts

Materials for Class:   Instructor’s Handout with Practice Exercises