Be Happier at Work - 4 Steps You Need to Know

Course Code: 2397

What does it mean to be happier at work? In this course we find out! We explore what happiness, what it isn’t, and how to increase your happiness using 4 key steps. We will discover how the latest research from positive psychology and neuroscience can provide a roadmap to increase our happiness at work, and outside of work too. 

There has been a tremendous amount of research conducted concerning the effects of happiness on the performance of individuals, and the potential impact it has on the success of an organization (Yale).  Based on Yale’s most popular course, The Science of Happiness, this training will highlight what we can do (and not do!) to increase happiness at work.

Further studies show that individuals who consider themselves happy, and effective performers share similar characteristics, including that they have a clear direction and find that direction motivating. They focus on what is important and understand their sphere of influence. And lastly, they are engaged in their work, and have more positive experiences than negative experiences (Yale).

Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not! This training will show you the 4-step path to increasing your happiness at work, and beyond.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Define happiness at work – what is it and why is it important to overall wellness?
  • Describe the 4 step process to increasing happiness at work
  • Assess your current level of happiness at work and help others to do the same 
  • Understand the behaviors that have been shown to contribute to happiness at work, and the behaviors that have been shown to decrease happiness at work 
  • Explain why managing workplace stress is necessary to prevent employee burnout, and increase happiness at work
  • Build an individualized Action Plan to increase your happiness level at work 

Intended Audience: This training is designed for anyone who is interested in being happier at work, and helping others to do the same. The training may also be particularly helpful for those who are experiencing stress at work. HR professionals may earn 5 CEU credits for SHRM.