Facilitation & Presentation

Dependable Strengths Certified Facilitator Training

Course Code: 2415

Unleash your own potential and guide others to do the same by becoming a Dependable Strengths® (DS) Certified Facilitator. This course starts with a deep dive into your own strengths and talents. Whether you already know what makes you excel or are looking to discover hidden strengths, this training provides valuable insights and experiences to transform yourself and your client base.

In the second half of the course, you will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to deliver the DS process to others. This includes studying the research and theory behind it, practicing with colleagues, and receiving all necessary facilitation materials. By the end of the course, you will have developed an initial plan for implementing your own workshop.

Participants are encouraged to bring all intersecting identities to this workshop (work, faith, gender identification, race, culture, family system, different abilities etc.).

There are two options for completing the Dependable Strengths® Certified Facilitator training:

  • Virtual Training. This option includes 18 hours of online instruction, with 3 hours of prework prior to the start of training and 3 hours of homework between virtual sessions. This will require a total of 24 hours of your time.
  • In Classroom. This option requires three full days of in-person training, with each day lasting 8 hours. Altogether, this will be 24 hours of training. You’ll have approximately 1 hour of homework, with a prework assignment due before the first day of training.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify your personal strengths.
  • Communicate your personal strengths to others. 
  • Increase the effectiveness and success of your clients, students, staff, employees, or others by facilitating the Dependable Strengths® process. 
  • Help others uncover individual potential and increase their employability, self-esteem, motivation, appreciation of diverse perspectives and overall career and life satisfaction.

Competencies Covered:

  • History and research behind Dependable Strengths®
  • Facilitation of the Dependable Strengths® process

Intended Audience: This course is for anyone interested in learning to facilitate the Dependable Strengths® process for others.