Facilitation & Presentation

Persuasive Public Speaking - How to Capture, Lead and Influence your Audience

Course Code: 2416

Have you ever felt captivated by a speaker during a presentation, as if they were speaking directly to you? Those powerful presentations are not a coincidence, and they require a lot of polish and refinement. Fortunately, the core elements of such presentations can be learned. In fact, during this course, you will discover how to develop the essential skills to create captivating presentations that truly connect with your audience.

Anyone can deliver a speech, but not everyone can capture their audience's attention and energize them. Truly engaging the audience requires learnable on-stage skills and specific techniques. By enrolling in this class, you will receive valuable insights and techniques that will make you a better speaker from day one.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Deliver engaging presentations that leave a positive impression on your audience.
  • Exhibit a strong leadership presence to captivate your listeners.
  • Use body language that conveys confidence in your message.
  • Employ nine nonverbals that connect your message with your audience.
  • Avoid the five common pitfalls that cause audience disengagement.
  • Overcome presentation jitters that can detract from your presentation.
  • Use specific voice tones to instill belief in your message and motivate your audience.
  • Move with purpose and confidence on stage to enhance your presentation impact.

Competencies Covered: 

  • How to create a fun and entertaining presentation. 
  • How to build persuasiveness into your presentation style and how you speak. 
  • Skills that automatically build trust and belief in you as you present. 
  • How to lead the audience. 
  • Nonverbals that build rapport with the audience. 
  • Body language that shows confidence and power while you speak.

Intended Audience: Public sector managers and employees.