Customer Service

Creating a Culture of Service

Course Code: 2462

This half-day course offers valuable insights into the impact of your personal style on providing exceptional service. It explores the practical techniques for establishing a service culture within your department, team, or agency and teaches you how subtle adjustments can greatly enhance your ability to effectively interact with diverse customers. Additionally, you will gain access to the Catalyst platform, offering tailored strategies and tools to support your goals.

Note: You will take the Everything DISC Workplace at Catalyst before attending the course.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Serve diverse customers with greater skill.
  • Improve your customer service by understanding your style.
  • Adapt your style to match the styles of others.
  • Analyze each point of contact to ensure service excellence.
  • Implement the core elements necessary to cultivate a service culture within your own sphere of influence.

Intended Audience: All audiences. This course is only available to schedule for a group of participants at your organization. Each offering can be customized to your team's specific needs.