The Habit Design® MasterClass for Conflict Management

Course Code: 2471

This highly interactive seminar is a customized version of “The Habit Design® MasterClass” focused on creating lasting habits for your conflict management goals and resolutions. Participants should already have some conflict management priorities, goals, and resolutions they wish to convert into lasting habits.

Getting great at conflict management requires strong habits. Yet, ever wonder, if conventional wisdom says it takes only “21 days to create a habit”, why 80% of resolutions fail after just two months? The reason: Science tells us that creating new habits actually takes months, but our grit, motivation, and enthusiasm burn out way before then. You can’t rely on just motivation.

Developed by pioneering research scientists from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and the University of Washington, the Habit Design® MasterClass is the only habit training clinically proven to create new habits in just nine days. As the first and only habit training backed by the National Institutes of Health, this course covers twenty clinically proven methods for accelerating new habits and is highly personalized to each participant’s specific objectives, needs, and preferences.

Habit Design® is the exclusive habit training for the Association of Talent Development, American Psychological Association, Association of Change Management Professionals, and over 500 companies, organizations, and agencies. Over 100,000 employees have applied this training to successfully creating over 1 million new habits.

This course includes an optional FREE 10-day trial of one-on-one Habit Design® Coaching to ensure you’re successful in integrating the lessons of the course into your daily life: 97% of participants have successfully done so to date.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Diagnose your readiness for behavior change by identifying self-destructive misconceptions about habits and the key reasons people fail at their conflict management resolutions.
  • Prioritize new conflict management & resolution goals and quantify their likelihood of success based on best practices from over 1 million successful habits.
  • Transform these goals into behavioral action plans (“Habit Designs”) using cognitive behavioral science methods including shaping, the Behavior Checklist™, the Five Enablers™, and others.
  • Apply clinically proven tactics that ensure long-term success of each of your Habit Designs while still lowering overall stress.

Competencies Covered: Making conflict management & conflict resolution habitual, self-regulation, interpersonal communication, emotional regulation, negotiation, sustained performance, behavior analysis, behavior shaping, habit psychology

Intended Audience: Public sector organizations, teams, and individuals