Negotiation Skills for Women

Course Code: 01-03-EC47

Negotiation Skills for Women is a two-day skill building course designed for women who want to manage workplace conflict. The course builds negotiation competencies by teaching women to engage in courageous conversations.

With a focus on the gender dimensions of conflict resolution and negotiation strategies we provide women with the tools to develop interpersonal communication and negotiation skills.

Participants will practice with real-world negotiation scenarios. They will engage in discussions, role plays, and teach-backs in a supportive co-learning environment.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Create durable negotiation agreements
  • Prepare negotiation strategies
  • Identify and choose the most effective conflict-management style for the situation
  • Identify and respond to gender-related negotiation biases
  • Problem solve with shared values and interests
  • Actively listen in negotiations
  • Define your negotiation goals and targets
  • Develop effective negotiation options and alternatives
  • Create a personal negotiation plan

Competencies Covered: Collaborative negotiations and problem solving, Conflict management, Active listening, Assertive communication, Interpersonal communication