Personal & Professional Development

Program Stakeholder Engagement & Governance

Course Code: 01-14-PS11
This 2-day course addresses the importance of stakeholder engagement and governance to program success. Instruction focuses on practical approaches for inclusion of, and effective communications with stakeholders, and their critical role in defining program goals and benefits. Attendees will learn how to inventory and analyze stakeholders, create a stakeholder register, and how to use that register for maximum benefit to the program. The course emphasizes the importance of creating and using a pragmatic Stakeholder Engagement Plan that ensures stakeholder buy-in.

Program governance is addressed during the course, as a mechanism for ensuring the ongoing maintenance and support of programs. Program endorsement, funding, reporting and control, decision-making and quality are emphasized as critical to program success.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand and importance of stakeholders to programs and the program management lifecycle
  • Complete and document an initial and ongoing stakeholder analysis to define and support program goals and objectives
  • Build, maintain and leverage a stakeholder register
  • Appreciate the importance of excellent communications to program success and the need for planned stakeholder communications management
  • Build an effective Communications Plan to manage and control stakeholder needs and concerns
  • Define and apply the principles and methods of effective program governance
  • Understand the essential roles and responsibilities included in program governance
  • Recognize, develop and apply program governance activities and tools.

Audience: Employees whose work involves the planning and management of programs.This course applies to private, public, government municipal and federal entities.

    Prerequisites: Program Management.