Travel Do's & Don'ts - Quick Reference Guide

The following rules are high level summaries. For further details see the State Administrative & Accounting Manual (SAAM) reference.

General: SAAM

  • All state agencies must comply with SAAM 1.10.30
  • All state employees, volunteers, and contractors must comply with SAAM 10.10.05
  • Use most economical travel alternatives unless Health/Safety issue 10.10.20
  • Get agency head approval in advance to travel out of state 10.10.50
  • Get approval from Governor or Board to travel out of U.S. or British Columbia 10.10.50
  • Do not reimburse for unnecessary travel costs such as alcoholic beverages 10.20.20
  • Combined business & personal travel must not result in additional cost to the state 10.20.40
  • Follow special travel rules and travel restrictions for Board, Commission or Committee members 10.70
  • Meetings: State gatherings must be held in government facilities unless properly justified 10.10.55


  • Reimburse actual lodging expenses up to limits used in the Continental USA and Non Continental USA schedules 10.90.10

except under special circumstances 10.30.20

  • Do not reimburse lodging expenses incurred at official station or residence 10.30.40
  • Do not reimburse lodging expenses within 50 miles of official station or residence 10.30.30

Meals/Coffee and Light Refreshments:

  • Reimburse meals on an allowance basis at rates used in the Continental USA and Non Continental schedules 10.90.10

On overnight travel assignments and in travel status for the entire meal period 10.40.50

On non-overnight travel assignments when the traveler has been in travel status for at least eleven hours and travels during the entire meal period 10.40.50

  • Do not reimburse for meal expenses incurred at official station or residence 10.40.40

exception for meals with meetings 70.10


  • Rates for Lodging, Meals and Private Vehicle Mileage schedule 10.90.20
  • Do not reimburse for commuting miles between official residence and station 10.20.20
  • Agencies may purchase airline and other common carrier tickets in advance 10.50.40
  • Use an DES qualified travel provider when making air travel arrangements 10.50.45
  • Permanently assign state owned vehicles to employees when warranted 12.20.30
  • Allow commuting in state owned vehicles when warranted 12.20.35
  • Do not use state owned or leased vehicles for personal business 12.30.20
  • Do not use state contract rental vehicles for personal business 10.50.35