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Surplus for Eligible Organizations


Certain organizations (e.g., state and local government agencies, and some non-profit organizations) can take advantage of additional benefits available through Surplus Operations. These organizations are considered our priority customers. These benefits include:

  • Designate yourself as a priority customer when registering with our online auction service. Certain items on the auction site are offered to priority customers prior to being made available to the general public.

We also have a State to State transfer area where State Agencies can receive furniture free of charge, and special inventory in our Medical Lake location for Priority customers.

An eligibility application is required to access these benefits, so you will need to contact us to sign up. Please note that individual employees of eligible organizations are not considered priority customers, unless they have been approved to act on behalf of their organization.

Some eligible organizations may also be able to benefit from our Federal Surplus program. Please contact us for information on the additional requirements for that program.